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Fruits arrival

Quality factors of fruits and vegetables

All the products are carefulness selected by Perle du Sud. We produce a wide part of fruits and vegetables which grown in conformity with sustainable agriculture practices.

The Reasoned crop is used on every pratices on our plantation. A fruits and vegetables gathering at the optimum stage of maturity, a respect for the fragility of products and cold chain allow to ensure both taste and freshness.

Workshop Conditioning temperature controlled

It was in a workshop conditioning temperature controlled that orders are carried out. A lean production allows us to monitor and select product quality few hours before shipment.

Workshop Conditioning temperature controlled

From its inception, Perle du Sud adopted a quality process, achieved in 2000 by the establishment of a H.A.C.C.P., (system which identifies, evaluates and controls the significant dangers in relation to food safety).

Shipping fruit and vegetables

The distribution is done without breaking the cold chain. The products are delivered very quickly, in less than 24 hours to 48 hours maximum according to the destination.


Our skill

In a context of consumption of fresh produce when the trend is focused on product quality, guaranteeing their freshness and flavor 100% natural, we provide a reliable answer :