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Tomato (mini)

Few energetic but well endowed with vitamins and minerals, tomato is one of the vegetables with a very high Nutritional density for these substances.

Nutritional interests of tomato

Among the minerals of the tomato, potassium largely prevails. Are also quite abundant chlorine, phosphorus and magnesium. Trace elements are many: we can see significant levels of iron and zinc.

All water-soluble vitamins are well represented in tomatoes, starting with vitamin C. The content of provitamin A, a precursor of vitamin A, is at very diverse levels, depending on the varieties and degrees of maturity. Group B vitamins are numerous and relatively abundant, all are represented, including vitamins B8 and B9.


Dietetic interests of tomato

Despite its flavor acid, tomatoes participates in maintaining a good acid-base balance by promoting alkalinization of the internal environment.

It participates at the right nutritional balance of food, we want today and not too mild calorie, but also well endowed with "security feature".

His tart flavor stimulates the digestive secretions, and prepares for the successful assimilation of the meal. His interest in the prevention of cancer is now recognized through various epidemiological surveys. They have shown that regular consumption of tomatoes and enough was correlated with a lower rate of appearance of cancers.

Source : A.P.R.I.F.E.L.

Technical aspects for tomato

Designation of the product :

Fresh (mini) Tomato in sealed small boat.
- Single-free gas, without additives or preservatives
- Safe Storage between 32 and 39.2 degrees F

Specifications of the product :

  • Homogeneous in variety : ok
  • Homogeneous in gauge : ok
  • Homogeneous in gauge : ok
  • Homogeneous in color : ok
  • Use-before date Guarantee Delivery : 7 days

Small boats (rigid and translucent)

Types of packaging of Soft grapes
Range Weight* Quantity Parcel (cm)
Mini-Ronde 40 128 22x40x60
Ronde 50 128 22x40x60
Maxi-Ronde 70 80 22x40x60
Perle 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Basse 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Haute 90 80 22x40x60

* Minimum weight net out of fruit in sale unit (in gram)

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Semi-rigid and translucent