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Fresh plums at maturity

Fresh plums

The plum belongs to the fruits best provided out of fibres, vitamins, biogenic salts and trace elements. Little sweetened (early varieties) or charged out of glucids, the plum is a scented fruit appreciated in jam.

Nutritional interests of plum

Juicy and refreshing, the plum remains a not very energy fruit whose regular consumption is encouraged for its many qualities.

Dietetic interests of plum

Fresh plums at maturity

The plum supports renal elimination, improves operation of the intestines, and has beneficial effects against ageing and deterioration of the cells.

Source : A.P.R.I.F.E.L.

Technical aspects for plum

Designation of the product :

Fresh plums in sealed small boat.

Specifications of the product :

  • Homogeneous in variety : ok
  • Homogeneous in category : Extra or l
  • Homogeneous in gauge : ok
  • Homogeneous in color : ok
  • Use-before date Guarantee Delivery : 7 days

Small boats (rigid and translucent)

Types of packaging of plums
Range Weight* Quantity Parcel (cm)
Ronde 50 128 22x40x60
Maxi-Ronde 70 80 22x40x60
Perle 70 to 90 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Basse 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Haute 90 80 22x40x60

* Minimum weight net out of fruit in sale unit (in gram)


Semi-rigid and translucent