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Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit

The passion fruit, both sweet and tart, has a unique flavor, rich multiples aromas. His juicy and scented pulp is slightly jelly, and contains many small tender and crisp brown seeds.

Nutritional interests of Passion Fruit

The acidity of this fruit is tied to its abundant organic acids, basically citric acid. The passion fruit is characterized by abundant fibers. It provides a wide variety of minerals, mainly potassium. There are also various trace elements, particularly zinc, manganese and copper.

The passion fruit is one of the well served fruits in vitamin C. Finally, the B group vitamins are also present, especially vitamin B3, B1 and B2.

Passion Fruit

Dietetic interests of Passion Fruit

Appreciated for the variety and diversity that it can make in our desserts, passion fruit is also interesting for its nutritional qualities. The passion fruit can participate meaningfully to cover our needs in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Indeed, with only 100 g net passion fruit, we can cover more than 5% of the GDAs* for copper and zinc, 7 to 9% of the GDAs for magnesium, over 10% the GDAs for manganese. And it provides 35% GDAs for C vitamin, and 12% for B3 vitamin.

* Guideline Daily Amount

Source : A.P.R.I.F.E.L.

Technical aspects for Passion Fruit

Designation of the product :

Half of passion fruit in sealed small boat.
- Single-free gas, without additives neither preservatives
- Safe Storage between 32 and 39.2 degrees F.

Specifications of the product :

  • Homogeneous in variety : ok
  • Homogeneous in category : Extra or l
  • Homogeneous in gauge : ok
  • Homogeneous in color : ok
  • Use-before date Guarantee Delivery : 7 days

Small boats (rigid and translucent)

Types of packaging of apricots
Range Weight* Quantity Parcel (cm)
Ronde 50 128 22x40x60
Maxi-Ronde 70 80 22x40x60
Perle 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Basse 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Haute 90 80 22x40x60

* Minimum weight net out of fruit in sale unit (in gram)

Notice : some others Types of packaging are available. Please contact us for more informations.


Semi-rigid and translucent