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The essential characteristic of the carrot is its very rich amount in provitamin A (rightly named carotene).

Nutritional interests of carrot

The carrot is a fresh vegetable moderately calories. Its fibers are abundant and his vitamin intake is correct. It is a source of provitamin A.

The mineral contribution is globally important: potassium dominates, as in most plants, but there are appreciable levels of calcium, magnesium and iron.


Dietetic interests of carrot

Thank to this mineral amount, carrot contributes, as all plants, of the acid-base balance of the internal environment.

Because of the abundance and originality of its fibers, it can effectively normalize intestinal transit.

In case of intestinal laziness, it helps to fight the tendency to constipation. But paradoxically, it is also effective in cases of diarrhea. Indeed fibers carrots have a strong power of water retention and improve the consistency of stools. it allows also a good condition of the skin and mucous membranes, and in the twilight vision, thanks to its high concentration of provitamin A. The carrot also has a favourable effect on blood cholesterol levels. It also inhibits the development of atherosclerosis, and is also involved in the mechanisms that stimulate immunity.

Source : A.P.R.I.F.E.L.

Technical aspects for carrot

Designation of the product :

Fresh Carrot in sealed small boat.
- Single-free gas, without additives or preservatives
- Safe Storage between 32 and 39.2 degrees F

Specifications of the product :

  • Homogeneous in variety : ok
  • Homogeneous in gauge : ok
  • Homogeneous in gauge : ok
  • Homogeneous in color : ok
  • Use-before date Guarantee Delivery : 7 days

Small boats (rigid and translucent)

Types of packaging of Soft grapes
Range Weight* Quantity Parcel (cm)
Ronde 50 128 22x40x60
Maxi-Ronde 70 80 22x40x60
Perle 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Basse 70 80 22x40x60
Rectangle Haute 90 80 22x40x60

* Minimum weight net out of fruit in sale unit (in gram)

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